Watch Crazy Pickup Truck Driver Jump Median And Cut Off A Tesla

Is there no end to the awful drivers out there on our roads?

Once again, we see a crazy pickup truck driver who decides to disobey the law and do the unthinkable. Why does it seem like pickup truck drivers act as though they own the roads? This particular truck driver thinks it's okay to jump over a median to cut off a Tesla driver for no apparent reason.

More World's Worst Drivers

Though no crash occurs, the actions of the truck driver are still illegal and highly dangerous.

Perhaps this video will assist the police department in taking this driver off the road, even if only just for a short period of time. In no more than the last couple of days, we've witnessed SUVs merging recklessly, a Honda CR-V blowing a red light, a truck brake-checking a Tesla and so much more. We're convinced that bad drivers outnumber the good, so try your best to stay safe out there.

Watch the TeslaCam video here, which was first shared on a Facebook group dedicated to Tesla Sentry Mode and TeslaCam video, and let us know your take in comments.

Video description via on YouTube:

Basic idiots in Langley making their own way over medians

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