66 places in Surrey listed as meeting points for men to have sex

When you hear the word 'cruising', you may automatically think of someone driving. However, what you may not know is that cruising has an entirely different meaning altogether - and a rather sexual one. The term is slang for men seeking, and engaging in, sexual activity with other men, especially in a public place.

There's even a website that lists all of the best spots in Surrey. There are more than 60 locations on the website, each with its own listing. There is a 'Description', 'Directions' and 'Tips & Tricks' tab providing info for visitors.

Surrey Police has been asked for a comment on whether it is aware of these 'hotspots' and what is being done to deter such behaviour, and protect unwitting members of the public from stumbling across any activity by mistake. In response, a spokesman said: "We are aware of public sex environments and officers do patrol these as appropriate. We target our policing activity according to where the threat, harm and risk to the public is highest.

"Police will visit public sex environments in order to prevent crime and disorder, and engage with the public. We have specific LGBT+ Liaison Officers who visit, and we will respond to and fully investigate any allegations of hate crime, which we take very seriously. "There is no specific offence of 'cruising', regardless of a person's sexuality.

We respect everyone's right to a private life, enshrined under human rights, and our officers are there for all parts of the community."

1. Horley Public Toilets - 4 stars out of 5

Location: Car Park behind Forrester's Pub, off Victoria Road, in Horley According to the listing, the best time for some action is late afternoon after 4.30pm.

There can be up to six men at a time at the urinals, and there are glory holes, allegedly. The description reads: "Cubicles good. Holes in doors.

Non-stop in winter on early nights. Light on timer goes out at approx.

6:30pm, and is just everywhere then!" The men who typically frequent this cruising spot are aged 18-35-years-old, with the occasional older gentleman.

College guys and cabin crew from nearby airports and training schools also visit, according to the listing. A spokesman for Reigate and Banstead Borough Council said: "We're not aware of any reports or complaints reported to this council. If any issues are raised with us, we would work closely with Surrey Police and our health partners."


Stoke New Cemetery - No star rating available

Stoke New Cemetery, Stoughton Road

Location: Stoughton Road, Guildford There are "plenty of spots to have fun" at this location, with a "clear lookout up and down the path". It closes around 8pm in the summer and 5pm in the winter, according to the listing.

Apparently, it is best to wait for someone to take an interest and then "take things from there". Cruising the pathway can also lead to some "quick hookups". However, the reviewer has issued a warning, saying: "Sometimes there are council workers in the cabin next to the toilets.

It is best to be discreet."

3. Victoria Way Multi Storey car park - 4 stars out of 5

Location: Toilet on the ground level, next to the Victoria Way car park office, in Woking There is little information about this site, only that it is not wheelchair accessible and its opening hours are from 12pm-2pm and 4pm-6pm.


A31 Hogs Back Rest lay-by - 4 stars out of 5

A31 Hogs Back

Location: Heading out of Guildford towards Farnham on the A31 There is a "mixed crowd" at this location and action starts when it gets dark - particularly after 10.30pm and weekends are "well worth a visit". The reviewer said it's a popular stop-off point as people are coming home from work in the evenings.

However, "don't bother if it's raining". The 'Cruising Info/Tips' section reads: "There's new lighting on the back of the hogs black cafe now, so the action is at the back of the cafe in the woods. Go down the hill and you'll find some action in the wooded area where there's a bit of cover from the flood lights.

"Generally good mix of guys, occasionally get some army lads but it's the luck of the draw. Much more action here than Wisley these days."

5. Ward Street Opposite Library - 3 stars out of 5

Location: From the Friary Shopping Centre, in Guildford, walk up North Street, past Pizza Hut, and turn left

"Peep holes, plenty of room to play under wall" is how the reviewer described this location. There is a mixed crowd here, and cruisers can visit "all day". However, the reviewer has left a warning, saying: "Police occasionally but very rarely (more chance me sleeping with women)."


Broadstreet Common - 3 stars out of 5

66 places in Surrey listed as meeting points for men to have sexPath running through Broadstreet Common

Location: Broadstreet Common, Guildford According to this listing, Broadstreet Common is a "really good area for getting off, plenty of cover for daytime cruises, good at night, ideal for a quickie at lunch". It attracts locals, students from the university, "guys from the research park", and hospital staff, and there are "plenty of areas to get off" in the bushes or under trees, allegedly.


Watchetts Lake - 4 stars out of 5

Location: Verran Road, Camberley This cruising hotspot is "a great well secluded site" that attracts young men. Those wanting to have some fun should head to the woodlands around the smaller lakes in the early evenings, but should be mindful of dog walkers.


A3 southbound lay-by - 4 stars out of 5

Location: Old Lane, Cobham This area has a park and toilet facilities, with a lay-by for truck drivers to rest. According to the listing, "it's [cruising] everywhere" and the best times to visit are between 8pm and 1am.

A description reads: "Truckers sit with curtains half closed or window right down so it's easy to start conversation. Many guys walking around thick wooded area so action is everywhere."

9. Riverside Park - 3 stars out of 5

66 places in Surrey listed as meeting points for men to have sexEntrance to Riverside Park

Location: Riverside, Horley

According to this listing, "dusk to dark" is a very good time to visit, and the car park is open 24 hours a day. However, people should be wary of the "odd passer-by". The 'Cruising Info/Tips' section reads: "It's the usual trick, park up on and you will see other men in the cars.

If you get the eye from somebody then take a leisurely walk into the undergrowth at the rear of the car park where blokes typically follow. "Also if you wonder around the wooded cuttings you will find action going on and single men w******."

10. St Martins Walk - 4 stars out of five

Location: Centre of Dorking High Street - "Walk right through arcade to steps at rear.

Keep going round back. Toilets at far end of buildings on ground floor" This location attracts "various ages and interests" and people should "watch for shadows of guys w****** visible on floor".

There are multiple "cruisy spots", according to the listing - the left cubicle is good for the reflections on the tiles; the right cubicle is good for peep holes, and there is room under the walls for "a good feel".

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11. Stew Pond - 2 stars out of five

Location: On the B280 between Malden Rushett ( Chessington ) and Epsom town centre, opposite West Park Hospital There are two ponds at this location, but both are surrounded by "lots of dense woodland".

According to the listing, "there is a cruising ground in the woods at the back of the car park" and there is "quite a lot of action" during the daytime. However, the best time to visit is after 5pm.

12. A25 - Godstone Road Cottage - 3 stars out of 5

Location: Take A25 towards Oxted and the lay-by is one mile on the left

"Good place when it's cold as you sit in your car and watch people easily as there is a street lamp by the toilets. If someone takes your fancy who walks in, go join them," this reviewer writes. The "best fun" is in a car or the toilets after 6pm, however, the reviewer warns: "Just don't flaunt it, we don't want it getting a name!"


Esher Common/Arbrook Common - 4 stars out of five

Location : Come from the A3 and head towards Esher - car park just on the left "All sorts" visit this location, but the cruisiest spot is the car park. You just have to "wait in your car or go for a walk in the woods", but be wary of dog walkers.


Heathside Crescent Car Park - 4 stars out of five

66 places in Surrey listed as meeting points for men to have sexHeathside Crescent car park

Location: Heathside Crescent, Woking Unfortunately, there are no cruisy tips or helpful descriptions, so if you're curious, you might just have to take a trip there to find out.

15. Meadrow Godalming - 4 stars out of five

Location: A3100 Meadrow, Godalming

Locals, truckers and taxi drivers visit this location, according to the listing. There is a cubicle, urinals and a car park, but it's a busy road so you're advised to visit after 11pm.

16. Cobham Country Park - 2 stars out of 5

Location: Cobham, off the A2

There are "gays all day and night" at Cobham Country Park, but the odd straight couple turn up, according to the listing. Apparently, it's very popular with people travelling along the A2, especially when the Esso services toilets are locked. The 'Cruising Info/Tips' section reads: "Park in car park and wait.

Or if you fancy it take a stroll through the woods and you will find someone."

17. Banstead woods Car Park - 1 star out of 5

Location: Large Car Park near junction of Outwood Lane, near Chipstead There are "lots of secluded areas up in [the] woods" if you're hoping for some fun.

According to the listing, just park near the top of car park and walk through the wooden gate up towards woods.

18. Stompond Lane Sports Ground - 3 stars out of 5

66 places in Surrey listed as meeting points for men to have sexEntrance from Stompond Lane

Location: Stompond Lane, Walton "Young lads on their walk home from high street bars" visit this location, according to the listing.

A description reads: "Regularly go behind the benches and in the bushes to get naked with buddies and / each other on a Wednesday between 11pm and 12am. Trying to make it a more regular spot for others." However, the reviewer has advised to make sure there is not an event on at the tennis club next door.


A316 Lay-by - 3 stars out of 5

Location: Lay-by on the A316 heading in to London when M3 finishes (just after Kempton Park roundabout) Apparently, you don't need any tips for this location, it's "very easy here". The 'Crusiest Spots' description reads: "Pick up either directly from the lay-by, under the fly over.

Main cruising area through a gap in the fence. Action happens up on the slope or in the mainly hidden bushes."

20. Epsom Downs Cottage - 2 stars out of 5

Location: B2221 Great Tattenhams, opposite Tattenham Corner train station

This area is "busy at all times" on the weekend. The crowd is "mostly older men", but there are also men in their 30s who visit.

21. Stepping Stones - 3 stars out of 5

Location: By Ewell West train station - nearest post code KT19 9UF

This is a "massive field area" and is not busy after 7pm at night. A description reads: "It is known in the area, and a lot of people do stuff in the bushes there. As it's well hidden, so whatever you want up to full blown a***.

Great fun recommend it." Well, I think that says it all.

22. Ottershaw Memorial Fields - 5 stars out of 5

Location: From Ottershaw Village, follow the signs for Foxhills Golf Club, along Foxhills Road and the Fields are on the left

"If you want to get naked take your man to the woods," says this reviewer. Anyone wishing to visit should "park up in the car park and cruise the urinals". There is also a wooded area across the field for some "outdoor fun".

This location has the highest star rating out of all the sites listed.

23. Walton Bridge - 4 stars out of 5

66 places in Surrey listed as meeting points for men to have sexWalton Bridge

Location: Just next to Walton bridge There's an alleged glory hole between the two left cubicles at this location - but this has not been confirmed.

The 'Warnings' section reads: "Too many older type guys who scare off the younger guys."

24. Staines By-Pass - 2 stars out of 5

Location: Junction 13 Off the M25, lay-by on the left This cruisy spot is visited by truckers and occasional couples, and also occasional fishermen.

It is best to visit either in the "early evenings" or "late at night". The 'Cruisiet Spots' description reads: "Walk backwards to the bridge, go down the side of it; there's a path surrounded by bushes and a tunnel underneath the by-pass."

25. Egham Public Toilets - 3 stars out of 5

Location: Down the pedestrian alley between the High Street and car park

A reviewer at this location said: "Scored several times with a variety from students from the nearby colleges, through to suits wanting a*** to builders wanting rough." The 'Cruising Info/Tips' section reads: "Usual wait for company, tap foot, cough, look under partition."

26. Nonsuch Park - 3 stars out of 5

66 places in Surrey listed as meeting points for men to have sexNonsuch Park in Epsom

Location: Ewell Road, Ewell

"Eye contact" is essential if you want to cruise at this spot, which is frequented by joggers, young lads, and married men, according to the listing. There are many secluded areas in the woods and the toilets are quiet, allowing you to "get down to it without worry". However, this is a "family park", so you are advised to exercise caution.


Merstham Cycle Route - 4 stars out of 5

Location: Opposite the Inn on the Pond pub in Nutfield Marsh Road, Redhill, RH1 4EU If you like "hot sweaty men", then Merstham Cycle Route is the one for you. There is not much information on this listing, but the reviewer has left some helpful advice for those wanting to get cruisy: "Families around so move behind a hedge somewhere and blow blow blow!"


Water Tower Car Park - 4 stars out of 5

Location: Just off the Maultway near to A30, Camberley This spot is a new up-and-coming cruising area and "ideal for some fun in your car", according to this reviewer. "Several guys meet here in the evenings for some fun," the reviewer adds.

Early evenings and weekends are best.

29. Kings Ride, Camberley - 2 stars out of 5

Location: On A30 from Camberley to Bagshot This spot is frequented by "all sorts of guys", including men in sports kit and, sometimes, military men.

The 'Cruising Info/Tips' section reads: "Follow path right into woods, go under electric pylons and just a bit further in from there."

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30. Ashford Community Centre Park Dog Walk - No star rating available

Location: 197-199 Woodthorpe Road, Staines A description reads: "Night time best although seen boys in the day (may or may-not be cruising).

Daytime family dog walkers so be careful. But plenty of spots can be found." The reviewer adds: "Have fun see you there."


Redhill Railway Station Platform 3 - 4 stars out of 5

Location: Up from the walkway tunnel entrance/exit to platform 3 at Redhill station There is not much information about this spot, but the usual crowd is "suits after work".

32. Runnymede car park - No star rating available

Location: Along Windsor Road, on the right from Runnymede Hotel, Egham

At this cruisy spot, one cubicle allegedly has a peep hole for watching urinals. The reviewer has offered some helpful advice, too: "Stand at urinals and wait for others to stay longer than necessary then get to it!!"

33. Coopers Hill Toilet Block - No star rating available

66 places in Surrey listed as meeting points for men to have sexThe toilets are reportedly located next to the War Memorial

Location: Toilet block next to the War Memorial, in Egham

This is a "great place" to go if you have met in Egham town centre toilets and want some "peace and quiet", according to this reviewer. A description reads: "Large car park next to it to sit and watch who goes in and out. Nice setup inside with urinals round the corner so plenty of time to zip if anyone comes in."


Civic Centre Car Park Toilets - 1 star out of 5

Location: Located off Upper High Street, just past McDonald's in Guildford According to this listing, "all ages" go here and it is busy at lunchtime, and after 5pm. There are urinals and two cubicles, however, the reviewer says no nudity or sharing booths are allowed.


Shalford Park - 1 star out of 5

Location: Shalford Road, Guildford For those wanting some action in Shalford Park, a spot off the path in the wooded areas is best. The reviewer says this location is "perfect for meets of any sort" as there are woods to disappear into.


Chobham Place Woods, Chobham Common - No star rating available

Location: Quiet Car Park Off Valley End Road, Chobham At this location, those who fancy some cruisy action should walk into the woods from the car park, or cross the road into the wooded area, adjacent to the M3. Weekdays are more private, as there are usually dog walkers there on the weekends.

The 'Cruising Info/Tips' section reads: "Mix of guys of all ages, park up and wait, there is often someone about."

37. Stoke Park - 1 star out of 5

66 places in Surrey listed as meeting points for men to have sexStoke Park, Guildford

Location: Just outside of Guildford town centre, adjacent to London Road The best hours to visit this site are between midnight and 6am.

The 'Cruising Info/Tips' section reads: "There are seats in a small copse which are quite secluded in the dark."

38. George Froude Park - 1 star out of 5

Location: An open field behind the car park in Langport Court, Walton People can hang out at the goal posts in the middle of the field until they meet someone, according to this listing.

If you're looking for some intimate cruising action, "you may be able to find a bush or just on the ground", the reviewer writes. The best time to go is at night time, as there are walkers until around 10pm.

39. Watchmoor Nature Reserve - 4 stars out of 5

Location: Off M3 J4/A331, next to Sainsbury's, Camberley

This spot is not only "ideal for cruising", it is also used by straight couples for "dogging action", apparently. There are "plenty of woods and bushes" here, but the reviewer has issued a warning: "Some like to watch". The usual course of action is to "flash lights from your car", and the best time to visit is early evenings to late nights.


St John's public toilet - 3 stars out of 5

Location: St John's Lye, Woking This reviewer has "got lucky a few times in afternoons", but has also "had a great time" in the early evening. There are "tell tale signs of fun".

Those looking for some cruising fun should "stay in the cubicle with the door ajar", or alternatively, if you'd prefer a more private option, the disabled toilet is sometimes unlocked.

41. Friary Multi-Storey Car Park Toilets - 3 stars out of 5

Location: Woodbridge Road, Guildford There are three cubicles, and the two on the end have peep holes, allegedly.

Lunchtime and early evenings are the best times to visit, and the toilets are used by "guys of all ages".

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42. Bagshot Cottage - 1 star out of 5

Location: Off the A30, Bagshot There is very little information about this spot, however, the reviewer has left an unusual warning: "police are thought to hide in ambush in the ceiling".

The best times to visit are between 5.30pm and 6.30pm.

43. Priory Park - 3 stars out of 5

Location: Bell Street, Reigate Early mornings are the best times to visit to "get some", according to this reviewer.

The cruisiest places are the "hidden areas with the bushes", but people should be wary of dog walkers who "do not want to be confronted with full on hot on their daily walk". A description reads: "Ideal for married cruisers walking the dog. Just walk around and you will be able to tell who is interested."


Englefield Rugby Park - 3 stars out of 5

66 places in Surrey listed as meeting points for men to have sexEntrance to park from the end of Firbank Place

Location: Pathway at the end of Firbank Place, which leads to the park, in Englefield Green This reviewer said "it's a great place for university and older guys to go". All you have to do is "walk next to the basketball courts after 10pm and find a hidden patch".

The best time to go is late at night, but the reviewer has issued a warning to fellow cruisers: "One needs to be careful and try underneath the bleaches. Else there are very hidden spots all about were one can express himself fully."

45. York Road Multi-Storey Toilets -  2 stars out of 5

Location: York Road, Guildford

There is very little written about this spot, only that there are two cubicles and two urinals, and men aged 20-60+ usually visit.

46. Egham Park - 1 star out of 5

Location: Off Manorcrofts Road, Egham The best times to visit this park are 2pm or 7pm, according to this listing.

The reviewer has advised fellow cruisers to sit on the swings, and says a lot of university students visit.

47. Ripley Public Toilet - No star rating available

Location: Off Ripley High Street - "Look out for the car dealership on your left and then immediately on your right will be the turning for the public car park and toilets" The reviewer says: "View hole in cubical looking.

Flash your [sic] and if anyone is interested they will join you or open their door to let you in. "Try to stay in the cubical as there is not much warning of people coming in."

48. Milford Cemetery Car Park - No star rating available

66 places in Surrey listed as meeting points for men to have sexEntrance to Milford Cemetery car park

Location: Haslemere Road, Milford

There is "a lot of cover all over the place" at this spot, but cruisers are advised to go after dark, as there are too many dog walkers during the day.

49. Knoll Roundabout Car Park - 3 stars out of 5

Location: Just after Knoll Roundabout on the left, Leatherhead This reviewer "had a hot guy there in [his] car".

Who knows, if you fancy some cruising, you might be just as lucky. The 'Cruising Info/Tips' section reads: "There are lots of tress and bushes and little baths so you can go for a walk and have fun. Or if you are discreet just do it in your car."

It's best to go after dark between 6pm and 8pm when the "flower man" is gone.

50. Cobham Public Toilet - No star rating available

Location: "From the A2 follow the signs for Cobham as you go through the village you'll see a sign for parking and WC" There's only one cubicle at this location, but there is a "mixed" crowd.

According to this reviewer, there isn't a best time to visit, as he's "struck lucky" a couple of times.

51. Church Street toilets - 3 stars out of 5

Location: Opposite Barclays Bank, next to Walton Post Office, Walton "All types" visit this cruising spot, including "young preppy types, man next door types, older men".

There are no warnings for this location, but the reviewer said: "Sometimes I have witnessed guys leave cubicles and show themselves naked."

52. Gapemouth Road - 3 stars out of 5

Location: Gapemouth Road, between Stanley Hill and Brunswick Road, Woking There are two car parks situated between Deepcut and Brookwood on the B3012 (Gapemouth Road).

This reviewer has never had any experiences here, but he believes it could be "a great outdoor meeting point for people in Camberley, Frimley, and surrounding [areas]". The reviewer advised: "If you are going to go naked, do it right over the back in the trees."

53. Central Car Park - 2 stars out of 5

66 places in Surrey listed as meeting points for men to have sexWalton Road Car Park entrance

Location: Walton Road, East Molesey

Park up and get yourself some action!," says this reviewer. Sounds simple enough. There's a mix of old and young men here, but it's closed in the evenings.

The best times to go are weekends and weekdays during the day. The 'Cruising Info/Tips' section reads: "The cubicle has a nice hole in the wall giving full view of the [sic]. Best thing is to make yourself at home in the cubicle and wait for someone to start playing with their [sic] at the and then open cubicle door."


Walton-on-Thames High Street - 3 out of 5 stars

Location: Next to the Post Office, opposite Barclays Bank, Walton It's "pot luck" at this site, but cruisers can go anytime. It has a mixed crowd of young and old visitors.


Silent Pool, Guildford - No star rating available

Location: "Past Newlands Corner on your right, go down hill until you come to a split in the road, stay in left hand lane and it is on your left" This area mainly attracts bisexual men, but cruisers can come at any time, according to the listing. There are lots of people with dogs, however, so be wary.

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Weybridge Cemetery - No star rating available

Location: Brooklands Lane opposite Heathside School, Weybridge The best time to visit this location is on Saturday afternoons, according to this reviewer, and he's been there four times. There is one "very small cubicle" and it is very quiet, meaning you can hear if anyone is approaching.

"I have stripped naked in cubicle and opened door for guys to have me," the review reads. "I have been there four times mainly older guys met one guy who stripped down to stockings and undies."

57. Laleham Park - 4 stars out of 5

66 places in Surrey listed as meeting points for men to have sexLaleham Park

Location: Shepperton Road, Staines

Cruisers hoping to get some action at this location should "hang around in car park and take the occasional walk in woods by [the] toilet block". There are "various crowds" and the reviewer has "had good times with most types". However, he feels it could be better: "This can be a great site but we need a few more users to get the best out of it.

C'mon guys!!"

58. Commercial Way Cottage - No star rating available

Location: Behind Peacock's Shopping Centre, Woking This listing has hardly any information, but offers some helpful directions: "Just before the Victoria Wines tower block."


Horton Country Park - No star rating available

Location: Farmside Place, Epsom The description for this location reads: "The car park gets busy during the lunch period and people tend to vanish into the woods."

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60. Farnham toilets - 3 stars out of 5

Location: The Hart off West Street, Farnham

A mixture of men visit this location, including "young guys, married men, students". The best times to visit are during the evening, between 7.30pm and midnight. "Can be quiet some nights but had been very busy in the past around 9ish," the review reads.

"Walk around the car park till you see someone going into the toilets then go in," it adds.

Location: Farnham Park - 1 star out of 5

Location: Near Castle Street, Farnham There are often younger guys and students at this location, but also the occasional "older bloke". The best time to visit is between 8pm and 11pm, the listing says. 

The 'Cruisiest Spots' description reads: "Go through the entrance of the park and walk past the football pitches, there is a long avenue with trees either side that leads to a small wooded area, anywhere around here tends to be good."

61. Dorking Road - No star rating available

66 places in Surrey listed as meeting points for men to have sexDorking Road

Location: Dorking Road (A24) There is not much information about this site, but it does include some quite graphic detail about the activities that go on there.

There are some helpful directions, however: "Follow the Epsom one way system and turn off for Dorking. Go over one large main roundabout and then over a smaller roundabout and turning comes up on the left - look out for a dropped curb."

62.  Reigate Hill - 4 stars out of 5

Location: Junction 8 off the M25 towards Reigate The listing says this location can be "hit and miss" in the summer, but the reviewer has been "lucky most times".

There is more activity in the winter due to the dark evenings. The 'Cruising Info/Tips' section reads: "Pick up in the cottage then head either into the woods behind the cottage across the footbridge or the woods across the road from the car park and then off to the left from the footpath."

63. Victory Park - 2 stars out of 5

66 places in Surrey listed as meeting points for men to have sexVictory Park, Addlestone

Location: Chertsey Road, Addlestone

Younger types usually visit this site, and it is best to go after closing time, according to the listing. There is a brief description, which reads: "Loads of secret hiding places for hot [sic]!"

64. Wooden Bridge, River Wey - 3 stars out of 5

Location: Near Walnut Tree close, in Guildford - cross the Wooden bridge, next to the railway bridge

There is not much to say about this site, but the reviewer has left a helpful tip for those wanting to visit: "Be discreet, pretend to be pissing."

65. Desborough Island - 4 stars out of 5

Location: Elmbridge, KT12 1QP The best time to visit this location is at lunchtime and in the early evenings.

There are "pull offs all along the road and paths along the river for discrete action". Cruisers should stay in their car until eye contact is made, and then follow their desired man into bushes.

66. Toilet, Cobham - 4 stars out of 5

Location: Near the Royal British Legion, Cobham

There is very little detail about this final site, and the reviewer has left no tips for fellow cruisers. However, the listing says the best times to visit are mornings, lunch and early evenings. If anyone would like to speak with one of Surrey Police's specially trained LGBT+ Liaison Officers, you can email them at [email protected] .

To find out more about what the force's LGBT+ Liaison Officers do, follow @SurreyBeatLGBT or visit Surrey Police's website here.

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