Bumpercam catches moment lorry slams into rear of driver on the A5

A driver on the northbound A5 heading towards Tamworth in Staffordshire was struck by a lorry that rear-ended him in this shocking footage. Michael Evans, from Wolverhampton, captured the accident on a rear-facing camera as he was driving near Fazeley. The footage shows a large DAF lorry, operated by the Italian-based haulage firm Codognotto, slamming into the rear of the white Ford Focus after failing to brake in time when Mr Evans slowed for stationary traffic.

The support worker suffered a back injury in the accident and his car was written off. In the footage Michael seems oblivious to the danger until moments before impact, when glances in the rear view mirror. He can then be heard saying: “Ohhhh…F…”

Michael said local police had to arrange for a translator to go to the scene so that he and the HGV driver could swap details. A spokeswoman for Staffordshire Police told the Daily Mail: “I can confirm police were called to the A5 near Eccleshall at 3.15pm, to reports of a collision involving a HGV and car. “We assisted with traffic management.

There were no injuries reported and this was left as a civil matter between the two parties.”

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