Councillor calls for safety measures on Newbold Road

A Rugby councillor and residents are calling on the county council to take action over safety concerns on a stretch of Newbold Road - but the county council said the area is not a priority. Labour councillor Kieren Brown (for Newbold and Brownsover) said there is a growing issue of speeding cars and HGVs through the village, and he has called on the county council to take action. Cllr Brown said: "This situation cannot be allowed to continue.

We have had both accidents and close calls on this stretch of road again and again and yet Warwickshire County Council (WCC) has stated that it is not a high priority area. "I contacted WCC in good faith to raise a concern regarding public safety but was told that there hasn't been enough accidents on Newbold Road for them to deem traffic management to be a requirement beyond enforcement. "I have also received numerous emails and calls from residents in Newbold about the problems of parking in places like Yates Avenue and near Avon Valley School.

"These problems go hand-in-glove together and what is needed is a holistic approach so that residents, the police and the county council can address this problem for the benefit of all. "The existing flashing speed lights do not work as a control. This was evidenced a few weeks ago when a van sped through the village and took out a lamp post near to Avon Valley.

"I call on both the Police and also Fosse and Newbold Warwickshire County Councillor Adrian Warwick to take decisive action because people's safety cannot be compromised. "Any steps, such as traffic calming, humps or new signs would improve the situation. Surely there is money available for these measures at this time?"

Newbold resident Margaret Blundell said: "I am becoming increasingly concerned about the traffic situation. "There are two main issues. Drivers regularly and excessively exceed the speed limit.

"I recently witnessed a car parked outside my neighbour's house damaged so badly by a hit and run speeding driver that it needed a pick up truck to remove it. "Another problem is caused by inconsiderate parking on pavements and grass verges. "There are times when I cannot turn safely out of my driveway onto the road.

"I don't want to witness another accident before something is done about this." A spokesperson Warwickshire County Council Traffic and Road Safety Group said they have looked at the number of 'personal injury collisions' (PICs) for the entire length of Newbold Road and found that the road is 'very good' compared with other locations. They said there have been 4 PICs at this location in the past five years.

"Whilst every collision and injury is, of course, regrettable, there are many locations with a considerably worse collision history," the spokesperson added. "There are in excess of 97 cluster sites within the County which have had over 6 PICs in the last 5 years, and a further 67 sites that have had over 5 PICs in the past five years. "With this number of 'collision black-spots' the available allocated funding is not sufficient to treat all of these sites."

Councillor Brown will be holding a series of public meetings in and around the Newbold area to highlight the issue.

Details of these meetings will be posted on the Newbold and Brownsover Community Councillors Facebook page - click here to learn more.

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