Driver Dead After Being Run Over By His Own Truck in Athens

File photo

A tragic accident took place in Ilioupolis, Athens on Tuesday morning. A truck driver who had parked his vehicle outside a supermarket to unload its shipment of food was killed, after an extremely unfortunate chain of events. After the truck was parked, the driver apparently did use the emergency brake in his vehicle, but it failed to function properly.

As soon as the man stepped out of the vehicle, the truck began moving, quickly going out of control. In order to save pedestrians and the drivers of passing cars from potentially becoming victims to the runaway truck, the driver immediately ran after the vehicle in an effort to get in and stop it. However, the unfortunate driver fell in front of his truck, which then ran over him, causing fatal injuries.

Witnesses said that the man did not die immediately, but by the time emergency services arrived at the scene of the accident, the driver was declared dead.

Details about the man's age and identity have not been made public as of this time.

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