Horncastle resident calls for safety barriers after near ‘miss’ with a HGV

A Horncastle man has called for safety barriers to be erected alongside pavements in the town after claiming: "I'm lucky to be alive!" The man (77) - who has asked not to be named - says he was walking with his dog at the junction of Mareham Road and Boston Road. He adds that a lorry, attempting to turn into Boston Road, mounted the pavement and it meant he - and his dog - had to leap into a hedge.

The man said: "We were really lucky. If we hadn't jumped into the hedge, we probably wouldn't be here now. "I was shocked, but better that than dead."

The man said he had come forward after reading about the dangers of HGVs using a housing estate as a cut through to Boston Road. He added: "They (drivers) do it all the time to avoid the jams at the town traffic lights. "There's more and more lorries and you don't feel safe.

"What we need are safety barriers at that junction (Mareham Road/Boston Road) before something serious happens." The man said he had complained to Lincolnshire County Council who had been 'very sympathetic' but had not taken any action. He added: "They come out and say they'll do this and that, but nothing ever happens."

The man went on to say the safety of pedestrians was an issue at other locations in the town, especially North Street. He added: "The road really narrows at one stage and there's hardly room for two vehicles to pass - especially if one is an HGV. "I've lost count of the times I've seen a lorry mount the pavement."

The man explained there were pavement bollards on North Street, but they stopped short of the problem area. He added: "I've complained about that, but they (the county council) don't want to know. I bet they will - when somebody is killed."

Meanwhile, new restrictions could be introduced on Bowl Alley Lane in Horncastle in an attempt to stop long-standing parking issues. Residents have complained for several years about parking , especially at the start and finish of the school day. Two schools - Horncastle Primary and St Lawrence - are located on Bowl Alley Lane.

Town councillors have also asked for action to be taken . Jeanne Gibson, programme leader (minor works and traffic) at Lincolnshire County Council, said: "We are currently preparing a public consultation on proposals to introduce new parking restrictions . "These would prevent parking on certain parts of the road at all times, and at various junctions.

"If any objections are received during the consultation period, the proposals would then have to be considered by our planning and regulation committee."

Town councillor Richard Barker is among the people who complained after revealing he and his young grandson were nearly 'wiped out' by a vehicle which mounted the pavement.

oThe News contacted the County Council to ask for a statement about safety issues on Mareham Road/Boston Road and North Street.

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