Migrants jump out of lorry on M25

This is the moment two hooded figures, thought to be migrants are seen fleeing on foot across a busy stretch of motorway. The stowaways were spotted stepping off the roof of a removals truck close to junction 2 on the Darenth Interchange, towards the A2, on Friday. Capturing the incident on film, one motorist who did not want to be named said: “It happened about 5.30 on the M25 anti- clockwise carriageway towards the Dartford Tunnel.

“We were getting off at junction 2 towards the A2 and the lorry was still on the M25.

“I couldn’t believe it, was just so worrying how easy this was and then he gave me hand gesture which was just lovely.” After getting off the lorry, the pair can be seen running into nearby hedges. The Home Office and police have been approached for comment.

The incident comes just days after police were called to Medway after six suspected migrants were spotted in a lorry.

The group, four men and two women were seen sitting on the side of a dual carriageway in Gillingham last Wednesday.

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