RHA to host seminars to prepare hauliers for no-deal Brexit

Jump to: Standards in Africa and the Middle East, Euro rating downgrader, Is a road test legal?, Test drive, Vehicle specification, Market trends, Parts pricing, Verdict. Click here to view all of the used Mercedes-Benz Actros tractor units we have in stock. Africa is no longer the place that clapped-out export vehicles go to die.

Customers have far higher standards these days. This is by no means the first time we've arrived at the Mercedes-Benz Approved Used Commercial Vehicle Centre, just north of Sheffield at Wentworth Park. It's also not the first time we've done so with the intention of writing a used buying guide about an Actros tractor, but that's where the similarity ends, because this time we're not here to look at something available on the UK market.

We're here to find out what you can buy if you're an operator in Kenya or Tanzania. If we're going to talk export vehicles, the first thing we have to do is forget everything we think we already know. All those images of clapped-out old wrecks sat on the dockside at Tilbury, and of the export market basically being a dumping ground for anything no longer fit to try to sell in this country, are simply stereotypes of a previous age.

Nowadays, export customers have high standards.

Tom Morris is Mercedes-Benz head of used trucks, a role he took up just six months ago.

This means he's had to learn about the export market from scratch, making him the perfect person to explain it to us.

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