Scottish unicorn on Buckingham Place gate severely damaged

IN what or may not be a symbolic incident, a unicorn representing Scotland[1] at the entrance to Buckingham Palace has been damaged. The unicorn, which forms part of the Royal Coat of Arms symbol on the North Centre Gate of the palace, was severely damaged after being knocked off by a delivery truck. The lorry is believed to have been carrying out early morning deliveries on Tuesday when the accident occurred.

The lion on the gate representing England remains intact and undamaged. Images of the damaged surfaced on Twitter yesterday afternoon.

The Scottish Unicorn has been knocked off the Royal Coat of Arms at Buckingham Palace. I'm no UK constitutional expert, but I *think* that makes us legally independent.[2]

-- Steve Fitzpatrick (@fitzpas) October 2, 2019[3]

A spokesperson for Buckingham Palace confirmed to The Scotsman that the Royal Coat of Arms had been damaged following a collision with a lorry.

They said: "We can confirm an incident took place yesterday morning where a lorry damaged the North Centre Gate at Buckingham Palace. "The matter is currently being investigated." The incident may be symbolic of what the future holds for Scotland should it remain within the UK while it drags the country off a Brexit[4] cliff edge.

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