The massive difference between these two parts of Sheppey separated by just one road

Sheerness East and Minster Cliff are two neighbouring wards with two very different stories According to the latest figures the neighbourhood of Sheerness East is the most deprived in all of Kent. But perhaps even more concerning is the ward next to it, Minster Cliffs, is a different story entirely.

Minster Cliffs is the only ward on the Isle of Sheppey that isn't classed as socially deprived. The Index of Multiple Deprivation, which was updated in September, reported that 19 per cent of neighbourhoods in Swale are placed in the top 10 per cent of deprived areas in the country overall. The data takes into account income, employment, health and disability and crime of an area and aggregates a ranking out of all other areas in the country.

READ MORE: Sheerness East: The bleak reality of life in Kent's most deprived neighbourhood  Sheerness has recently formed its own borough council after spending the last fifty years without a specific authority. The area struggles with fly tipping, drugs and housing problems.

Meanwhile Minster Cliffs benefits from a strong parish council that regularly runs initiatives including 'Freight Day' where to discourage fly tipping, residents can leave large items outside their house that will be picked up by a truck.

Take a look at the contrast between the two areas below.

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