Berkshire family devastated by flooding damage, home filled with mud

BERKSHIRE (WBNG) -- A family in Berkshire is left devastated after Thursday's storm flooded their home, filling it with mud. Chad Darrow said Thursday was a normal Halloween night, until it wasn't. In a matter of minutes, severe flooding threatened his family's Berkshire home.

"You couldn't even get out the door, the water was about ready to come through our front door then," said Darrow. The couple moved their five-year-old daughter out of the home and into their truck, before moving as many of their belongings as possible to higher ground. To get out of their home, the couple said had to trek through knee-high water.

Describing driving away from their home, Darrow broke down into tears, saying, "just always do the best that I can for my family and this is the first home I'm able to buy, so to just walk away from it, it's hard." Now, there home is caked with mud and many of their belongings are ruined. To make matters worse, this isn't the first time the family has dealt with devastating flooding.

Just last year, they were in nearly the same boat they are now. "It's just, how are we going to get through this, again." While they figure that out, Darrow's girlfriend is also pregnant, due on Christmas Eve.

"So it's just tough, not knowing where we're going to go from here," said Julia Colson.

For now, she says they're taking it one day at a time.

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