B&M warns again of winter bin sleeping danger

refuse not refuge The Merseyside firm is working in partnership with the homelessness charity Crisis to raise awareness of how sleeping in bins can be potentially fatal. This includes a video showing how it would feel to fall the 20 feet from a raised-up bin into the back of a waste truck.

It said bins could appear to be safe, dry places in which rough sleepers could spend a night. But when emptied anyone inside would be at risk of death. Additionally, drunken party-goers make up a significant minority of those found asleep in bins.

B&M Waste Services said it trained its drivers to check each bin for occupants before it is emptied. The larger bins will carry a warning poster (pictured). Director Mick Ashall said: “A recent study conducted in partnership with Streetlink indicated that it’s not only homeless people but also drunken students and party goers who sleep in bins, a massive 11%.

“This is why we are not only working with Crisis, but our customers, particularly universities, colleges and retail parks, to apply best practice in reducing this risk through raising awareness of the problem.” B&M Waste Services’ campaign was set up in after the Biffa-led ‘People in Bins’ initiative was mothballed in 2017. But earlier this year, Biffa and the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management said they were co-operating on a new survey on the extent of the problem

The Environmental Services Association also issued warnings last year.

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