Canadian spot market loads, trucks rose in October

TORONTO, Ont. - Canadian spot market load volumes rose 4% in October, but truck volumes also spiked. The 10% increase in trucks brought the truck-to-load ratio up 5%, to 3.90. The average ratio of trucks to loads is up 28% compared to October 2018.

Capacity is up 11% year-over-year, TransCore reports, with October marking the highest capacity for any October in Loadlink's database. Higher load volumes came predominantly from cross-border loads. Western Canada led the gains within Canada, specifically the lanes: Calgary to Surrey; Edmonton to Surrey; Calgary to Langley; and Regina to Calgary.

Those lanes saw monthly volumes go up an average of 104%, TransCore reports. Montreal saw improvements in cross-border loads, with the Montreal to Chicago lane up 7%, marking its strongest showing of the year. The Montreal-Detroit lane saw volumes spike 275%, peaking for the year.

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