Five vehicles involved in crash at Chiverton roundabout

DEVON and Cornwall Police have confirmed that contrary to initial reports, there has been two separate incidents at Chiverton roundabout this morning. Traffic reports stated that there was a five-vehicle incident, but that is not the case.  The first crash occurred when a vehicle crashed into a road sign.

Shortly afterwards, near the first crash, there was a two-vehicle collision. Police were first called at 7am. There are no reported injuries and the vehicles are currently awaiting recovery.

Lane 1 of the A30 will be closed for the recovery truck to attend.

The accidents are believed to have been caused after the vehicles lost control on black iced road conditions after a heavy hail storm.

Traffic is at a standstill as far back as the eastbound Avers junction at Redruth, with heavy traffic also on the A390 heading towards Truro. 

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