Lorry driver takes wrong turn into Arbroath street and crashes into house and three cars

A disabled Arbroath woman was a “few feet” from catastrophe on Sunday night after a large lorry narrowly missed her kitchen window and struck the house opposite.

Samantha Wallace (left) next to her car on Jamieson Street that was damaged by the lorry. Alongside her is her mum Una Wallace who lives further down the street and saw the lorry hurtling down the road towards Garden Street.

The large vehicle transporter collided with at least three cars and a house as it made its way down Jamieson Street, which then turns into the narrow Garden Street in the Angus town. One car was pushed into the middle of the street by the passing lorry at around 8pm while others were crushed as the large vehicle squeezed past.

Nobody was hurt but at least two vehicles were seriously damaged, one thought to be written off.

Lorry driver takes wrong turn into Arbroath street and crashes into house and three carsPic Paul Reid

The woman, who did not wish to be named, said she was standing in her kitchen when she heard a very loud scraping sound outside. “I have never heard a noise like that in my life,” she said. She ran from the kitchen, which has a frosted window to shield her dogs from passers-by, to see the lorry having struck her silver Volkswagen estate

“The lorry was massive. A really heavy, tall transport type. It was stuck on our car and it was revving.

“We have got nothing now. I have a blue badge and my husband drives me and we have dogs that need exercising but we’re stuck. “The lorry was a few feet away.

I felt quite faint when I heard the noise. If he had come straight forward then I dread to think what might have happened.” Samantha Wallace, 37, of Jamieson Street, said the lorry struck her blue Renault Captur.

“I don’t know how serious it is but it looks bad. Someone was taking pictures of my car and I thought they were trying to steal it. Then there was lots of police and fire engines and all sorts.”

The lorry hit the exterior wall of one house as it turned the corner, cracking the wall and breaking the stone around the window. The owner of the house, who asked to remain anonymous, said the lorry struck his home outside his living room and directly below his daughter’s bedroom. He said neither he, his wife, or daughters, had been inside at the time and he was glad nobody had been hurt.

“I don’t know how long it will take to put right. It’s an old house and it’s not going to be a case of putting the bricks back together,” he said. “When you insure a house, you think about flood risk and things like that.  I thought if a car hit it then it would be the car that would come off second best.

But you don’t think about a truck.”

A police spokesman said a man has been arrested in relation to road traffic offences.

He is believed to be a foreign national and is expected to appear at Forfar Sheriff Court on Tuesday.

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