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15:00 Mon 16th Dec 2019 | Posted By UKHAULIER

23 mins ago

"37m motorists, van drivers and truckers are heaving a huge sigh of relief, that a new Conservative led significant majority Government means no fuel duty hike for the foreseeable future. In fact, as a result, the pound has rocketed which means pump prices should fall significantly. Most of the other UK Parties had threatened an increase in the fuel levy to disingenuously look green but it's been a tactic to a cover their zeal for an extravaganza of spending plans.

At FairFuelUK, our supporters predicted this size of result. It is important however, the new Tory administration be cognisant that UK drivers are still the highest taxed in the world and wrongly subject to punitive charges and bans for all urban emissions. They must not be taken for granted.

Over 90% of FairFuelUK supporters want Boris's administration, with this safe majority, to immediately develop a long-term roads transport strategy, that's fair to drivers, the economy and the environment, without perennially treating them as easy cash cows. We stand ready to work with the Prime Minister and all positive stakeholders to make this happen. Emotive health claims from the scaremongering Greens and fleecing hard working drivers in the pocket will not clean the air we breathe."

Howard Cox, Founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign.

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