Jack Joy from Car Throttle hit by truck that 'snow-ploughed' GTI for half a mile

YouTuber Jack Joy has been revealed as the driver who luckily escaped unscathed after being dragged down the A40 by a lorry. Footage captured yesterday shows the Royal Mail truck pushing the Volkswagen Golf GTI hundreds of yards down the road as other motorists honk their horns in a desperate bid to get the driver to stop. The incident was witnessed by singer Ellie Goulding who rushed to the driver’s aid and checked on his safety.

The Royal Mail truck driver claimed he did not see the man in the car as he rushed to check the driver. Confirming claims that the car driver was Jack Joy from Car Throttle, colleague Alex Kersten said: To everyone asking, yes, this is Jack from Car Throttle.

A Royal Mail truck was filmed pushing a car sideways along the A40

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“Happened this morning, Jack minding his own business in the slow lane, lorry driver failed to look properly when changing lanes, jack-knifing Jack’s GTi and pushing him 0.5 miles down the road. “Jack is shaken but OK.”

The confirmation came as web users recognised the VW driver from the car review channel on YouTube. In the video, he can be heard yelling at the Royal Mail truck driver ‘You spun me around’. Concerned car enthusiasts left comment on Jack’s Instagram as one asked: “How are you?

What’s up with the golf?”

Jack Joy from Car Throttle hit by truck that 'snow-ploughed' GTI for half a mileThe driver is said be Jack Joy from Car Throttle

Jack replied: “I’m alright, can’t say the same about the golf.” Another one said: “I recognised you from the video that popped up. Didn’t actually think it was you!

“You looked p***ed off but I’m glad you’re okay.” A third commented: “So sorry about the Golf. But cars can be replaced but humans can’t.

Jack Joy from Car Throttle hit by truck that 'snow-ploughed' GTI for half a mileEllie Goulding was one of the drivers who rushed to rescue Jack

“On the bright side at least you got to meet Ellie Goulding haha.”

A spokesperson for Royal Mail told Mirror Online: “We are very concerned about this incident.

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“We sincerely hope that no one was hurt.

We are investigating as a matter of urgency.”

Mirror Online has contacted Car Throttle for comment.

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