New Year’s Eve 2019 – live: Revellers descend on London to welcome new decade, as Sydney fireworks display prompts fury amid wildfires – The Independent

Sydney fireworks go ahead despite wildfire controversy as firefighters battle blazes and citizens flee homes Sydney's fireworks spectacular has lit up the skies of Australia's second city amid a background of climate anger, political frustration and tempestuous wildfires that have caused damage, destruction and death across the West of the country. Some had called the for the annual Sydney display to be called off in solidarity with the people forced to flee their homes from surging wildfires - while concerns were razed about the safety of the display on the hot Australian  summer night.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison posted a video address expressing sympathy over the death on Monday of volunteer firefighter Samuel McPaul, 28, who died when what was described as "a fire tornado" flipped his truck off the ground while he attended a blaze near Albury, in southern NSW.

"As 2019 draws to a close, the devastating impact of these terrible bush fires continues," Mr Morrison said.

However ultimately the harbor bridge was lit up and the sky was inundated with colour as more than a million people descended on the banks of the city's waters to watch the spectacle - among the largest demonstrations to take place across the world at New Year's.

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