Alberta government to offer unlimited carrier and public profiles for free

EDMONTON, Alta. – Anyone looking to obtain an online carrier profile in Alberta are now able to do so free of charge, as the Ministry of Transportation aims to reduce red tape for the commercial carrier industry. The change was effect Jan.

3. Prior to being free, people could get two free profiles per year, with each additional being £2 per page.

A typical profile normally starts at around 21 pages. Hard copies of the profiles will continue to come with a fee to cover printing and mailing costs. Public profiles will also be free starting Jan.

13. Providing these profiles at no cost is in an effort to encourage more carriers, shippers, drivers, and the general public to reference and use on-road performance data as often as they need. The Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA) said this is important information that directly aids in monitoring and evaluating a company’s compliance and will help improve road safety.

Carrier profiles are regulated under the National Safety Code for commercial vehicles, which monitors 16 individual standards in an effort to reduce the number and severity of collisions.

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