Brexit 'will help criminals enter UK'

Kieran Andrews, Scottish Political Editor

Joanna Cherry, QC, fears that Brexit jeopardises close security arrangements with EU statesJANE BARLOW/PA

Terrorists and criminals will be able to breach Britain’s borders undetected when Brexit causes the UK to lose access to a security system it helped set up, according to EU officials. Security forces will no longer be able to draw upon a database of seven different systems that check for passport irregularities. This includes Europol information and the Schengen information system[1].

The model was driven by Sir Julian King[2] during his time as Britain’s European commissioner. Officials believe it would have stopped Anis Amri, a Tunisian failed asylum seeker who killed 12 people when he drove a truck into Berlin’s Christmas market in 2016. The scheme is being rolled out but Britain will be excluded from having access to all the information because it is…

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