Four M4 accidents at Swansea cause long rush-hour delays

Four separate accidents on the M4 at Swansea caused long rush hour delays on Friday morning. Motorists in the area reported difficult driving conditions with a lot of standing water on the carriageway early this morning. Three accidents happened on the westbound carriageway, and one eastbound.

  • A car went off the road and into a bush at junction 47 Swansea West Services closing one lane westbound.

    It re-opened just after 8am.

  • The second accident involved three vehicles on the road between junction 44 Llansamlet and junction 45 Ynysforgan. One lane was blocked for a time as there was a lot of debris on the road, but the vehicles involved have not all been moved to the hard shoulder. All lanes re-opened here around 8.20am.

  • Just before 8am, there was then another accident on the eastbound carriageway between junction 45 Ynysforgan and junction 44 Llansamlet.

    One lane is blocked and traffic is queuing.

    All lanes had re-opened by 8.50am, but residual delays remain.

  • A car and lorry were also an accident around 9am on the Briton Ferry Bridge westbound.

    All lanes are open but it is still causing delays.

Traffic cameras have show very heavy traffic around the area throughout the rush hour, but traffic in all areas has now returned to normal for the time of day.

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