Gap between safety ratings and actual fleet safety: Survey

TORONTO, Ont. – Surveyed members of Canada’s trucking industry are all for investing more in enforcement activities, but they see a significant disconnect between safety ratings and a fleet’s actual commitment to safety. Seventy-two percent of those who participated in Today’s Trucking’s monthly pulse survey said today’s safety ratings do not accurately reflect a fleet’s commitment to safety.

But 77% said governments should invest in more enforcement-related resources, such as additional inspectors, facilities, technologies or training. Those who were surveyed were generally split on the question of whether today’s roadside enforcement initiatives generally lead to safer highways. Fifty-four percent said they do not.

The vast majority – 84% — said their business had not been penalized by what they consider an unjust penalty in the past year. Most (60%) also said they had never fought a trucking-related penalty or sanction in court. If they had the choice, 29% said they would increase enforcement activities around driver qualifications, 22% pointed to equipment condition, and 19% cited distracted driving.

Today’s Trucking Pulse Surveys are conducted once a month, with questions emailed through the magazine’s circulation database, and distributed through social media channels.

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