Horse dumped and 'left to die' during storm

A pony was tipped off the back of a truck and ‘left to die’ as wind and rain battered the county overnight. The little horse was dumped during Tuesday night – only to be found still stuck in mud near Brenley Corner, Faversham, by the landowners the following morning after struggling to free herself.

The horse has severe muscle damage after struggling to get out of the mud

The team from Happy Endings Rescue, based in Painters Forstal, rushed to the scene and helped scoop the pony – who has been left with severe muscle damage due to the ordeal – out of the mud with some help from locals. Chris Johns. cofounder of the charity, said: “It was obvious she had been tipped off the back of a truck as there were no hoof prints in the mud, only tyre tracks.

She did not get there by herself.

“She has severe muscle damage from where she had been struggling to try and get herself up and had carved into the mud while thrashing around. “Being a flight animal, she must have been absolutely petrified, lying there for hours desperately wanting to get herself up, while trying to escape but not having the strength to stand. “To leave an animal to die in these conditions is beyond cruel.”

The pony – now named Cecilia – was ‘left to die’ after being dumped

The team decided to call her Cecilia after the popular Simon and Garfunkel tune as she was ‘breaking the hearts’ of the people that found her in such a sorry state.

It took four hours of work from two vets and two nurses to give her a hot bath and wash all of the mud off her. So far, Cecilia – who is thought to be about seven-years-old – has had blood tests taken and been given fluids and started treatment for an ulcer on her eye.

Chris added: “There was no reason to do this -to needlessly add to an animal’s suffering. “They could have left her in the vicinity of a stables or a rescue centre – just somewhere she would be found.

“To leave an animal to die in these conditions is beyond cruel…” – Chris Johns of Happy Endings Rescue

“Beyond the sheer terror and distress she went through her body now has more injuries from her fight to free herself from the boggy trench she was thrown into.

There is no excuse for making an animal suffer like this.” The charity is appealing for donations towards Cecilia’s treatment. “Cecilia is far from being out of the woods and has a long road to recovery, but at least for now she is warm, dry and receiving the care she needs,” Chris said.

“As a small charity, we really do not have spare funds available. “We are appealing for help towards her veterinary and after care, and to help the beautiful girl fight her way to recovery.” To donate, click here

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