Live updates as British Airways staff confirmed dead in Stanwell lorry and car crash

Friend and former colleague pays tribute

Bailey Faulkner, who worked with both Joe Finnis and Dominic Fell at British Airways, has spoken to SurreyLive and paid tribute to his two friends and former colleagues. He said:

“People say flying is a passion and both Joe and Dom took it as their passion on a daily basis, we all do! Flying for such a large company you never really fly with the same people again for a good while but this never stopped myself, Dom and Joe from meeting up outside of work.

“They were a pleasure to work with especially on the long flights through the night when there’s nothing to do, you could always count on them both to make the time pass by like it was only minutes. Despite living so far away from London I called it my second home and both of the lads were my friends from home, I had endless times where I’d have to stay in London on my own for a few days at a time in a hotel but they’d be the first people I’d be calling to to see, whether it be going into London or Windsor for food and drinks to just relaxing together. “They never once failed to make me laugh or smile and they’d always be there to pick me up whenever I was missing my home life.

“It was only the other day right before Christmas that Dom was messaging me talking about trips and asking if I wanted to come on a trip with him in the new year! It’s such a devastating time. “We shared many trips which came with amazing memories which I’ll never forget, we all shared the same passions which brought us together.

They were born to fly and they’ll never stop flying higher than ever.

They’ll both be missed by friends, family and the flying community.”

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