Meet the 'thieves'

The ‘thieves’ in The Heist. Here’s a little more about the band of nine who made their getaway from the fictitious Bank of Northumbria on Fenkle Street in Alnwick. MICKEY (38) AND RYAN (27)

The Heist ‘bank robbers’ with their loot. Mickey is head skipper for Billy Shiel’s boat tours, while Ryan is a crewman. They have been friends and work colleagues for the past two years.

Mickey lives in Alnwick with his partner of four years, Debbie, and 20-month-old son Archie. Ryan lives on a farm in Belford with his new fiance Lauren. The cash is by far the main motivator for the boys – winning a few thousand would change both of their lives.

Mickey wants to buy an engagement ring for Debbie and propose on camera, while Ryan would love to buy his dream fishing boat. CHRISTINE (68) AND GARRY (42) Mother and son, Christine and Garry, are part of a big RAF family and have lived all over the country before settling in Alnwick.

Christine lives with her husband Dave and three shih tzu dogs. She is a retired cook and now works as a housekeeper. Garry spent six years in the Royal Artillery, touring Iraq in 2003.

After leaving the forces he started working as a Rope Access Technician and now travels the country working as an industrial building climber. He lives with his wife Tania, their three children Archie (13) Jack (12) and Millie (4) and bloodhound puppy, Duke. The Heist is the ultimate opportunity for these known pranksters to cause some mischief.

Christine wants to donate to a local dog charity. Garry’s son, Alfie, has a school friend who needs a blood transfusion once a month, so he’d love to help the family out. HELLEN (58) AND LEONIE (31)

Mother and daughter duo, Hellen and Leonie, originally from Kent, now live in Alnwick. Leonie is owner of The Powder Room Salon in the Market Square in Alnwick After retiring from being a school business manager, Hellen keeps herself busy by visiting family/friends for coffee or helping Leonie in the salon.

Hellen lives with her husband Owen, and Leonie lives nearby with her boyfriend, Tom. Leonie says she needs the winnings to balance her personal finances and reimburse her mum who has helped her out. WILLIAM (24) AND ISHY (26)

Will and Ishy are old school friends. Will recently graduated from university with a degree in film and television production and is now thinking his next move. He now lives in York.

Ishy has been working as a chef for five years after he dropped out of university. He prides himself on being able to chat to anyone. Will is the shyer of the two.

He’s laid back and more cautious, which might come in handy when it comes to reigning-in Ishy. If they win, Will’s thinking of opening a food truck business of sorts, and Ishy’s got his sights on opening a restaurant. HELEN (59)

Helen, a former police sergeant, is a mum-of-three who lives in the Alnwick area. She and husband Aiden’s third child, Bethany, was born prematurely and after many health issues died aged 16. This was a result of a condition linked to her Cerebral Palsy.

They live in Lemmington Hall, an 18th century Georgian mansion with 18 bedrooms and 55 rooms, which they run as a wedding venue. Helen likes the idea of being an former police officer committing a heist. She believes that her policing experience will give her an advantage.

She would donate any prize winnings to Barndale School – a specialist school in Alnwick who looked after her daughter before she passed away.

Shine TV’s series pitted a team of 15 real detectives, active and retired, against a team playing the part of criminals.

Over three weeks in June and July they tried to evade capture and, if successful, got to keep their share of the money.

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