Watch a heroic Chesterfield truck driver rescue a young woman from a burning car

A Derbyshire truck driver secured a young woman from a burning car on the M1 seconds before it exploded. John Rastrick of Chesterfield was traveling north on the M1 on January 17 of last year when an accident occurred before him during the evening rush hour.

Today, amazing footage from the fire was released by the East Midlands Ambulance Service. It shows the burning car on the highway with the 27-year-old driver Pari Mistry trapped inside. With no time to lose, Mr.

Rastrick jumped out of his van and ran to the burning vehicle. He only had a few moments to save the young woman. John was greeted by thick smoke and flames, which quickly engulfed the car, and found Pari curled up in the driver’s seat in shock.

Car exploded seconds later His quick thought saw him pull the woman from the car to safety with the help of other motorists. Within 29 seconds of Pari’s rescue, the car exploded.

Almost a year after the shocking incident, John is expected to receive a special award in recognition of his heroic deed. John said, “I saw his car spinning two or three times when another car collided with it and his vehicle immediately caught fire. “I knew then that there was no one else to help and I had to do the right thing.

“I was hoping God that anyone in the car was out, but when I saw Pari in there, I put all my fears aside and tried to get it out.” The young woman lying on the road after being rescued Pari, who was on the way to meet her husband for dinner, spent four days in an intensive care unit at Coventry and Walsgrave General Hospital with a fractured skull.

She had an eight-hour operation on her head, then had to learn to walk and speak again. Pari is now on the road to recovery and was delighted to have the opportunity to thank John for saving his life. She said, “I don’t remember much about the incident, other than what I was told, but I know I immediately thought I was going to die.

“For my family, this incident was particularly difficult because we are all very close. With their support and help, I was able to persevere in my recovery and say thank you to John in my own words.

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“To be able to say thank you to John and the crew for what they did, I never thought I would be so lucky. “John not only saved my life.

He also saved the lives of my mother, father and brother.” John added, “To see how far Pari has traveled in just a year since the accident is so incredible to see.” .

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