Apprenticeship Week visit to Oxford's Rewley Road Fire Station

Young apprentices enjoyed a behind-the-scenes look at life at a fire Station. The visit to Rewley Road Fire Station in Oxford city centre, was part of Oxfordshire County Council Fire and Rescue Service's involvement in the National Apprenticeship Week, which is celebrating the value of workplace training The 18-21 year-olds participated in brainstorming and practical demonstrations, including a lift on a high hydraulic platform.

They learned about fire prevention, protection and response from station commander Chris Barber and team. The students are training in a range of disciplines, including digital safeguarding, and children's centre and business administration. Apprentice Jorge Escobar, from Marston, said: "I have a new-found respect for firefighters.

We learned about the equipment and clothing they use and what they have to do to fight fire. "It was amazing. Whenever I see a truck now, I'll understand what is going on."

Mr Barber said the service was currently recruiting on-call firefighters.

For details or to apply for a position, visit

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