Be on the lookout for missing, sick truck driver

The Missing Truck Driver Alert Network (MTDAN) has issued a "Be on Lookout" request for a missing driver who is believed to be ill. On February 16, MTDAN issued an alert for 41 year old truck driver Richard Riley, who was last contacted on February 12. MTDAN offers more details:


Missing Truck Driver
Name: Richard Riley 41 years old 6'1 180lbs Brown Hair and Blue Eyes Truck is a White 2019 Volvo, not sure on the model, it is a rental truck. The truck says Rapid Ways on the side.

He is pulling step deck Conestoga plate Utah  #Z518256.  
The company is Let's Go Trucking.
Last contact was 2/12/2020 and he stated he was not feeling well. Driver used his Comm Data Data Card at King of Prussia Service Plaza in PA on Thursday 2/13.  
He did not arrive in Hagerstown, MD to pick up his load. The truck is not equipped with AOBRD because it is a rental. 
No known medical issues other than not feeling good, as in the flu.

He does have his friendly dog with him. 
Below are possible routes.

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