Frustration as midnight roadworks wake up residents in Fareham street

Hampshire County Council’s decision to carry out the work in Barnes Wallis Road in Fareham last Tuesday was ridiculed after a pick-up truck turned up unannounced before carving up the pavement. Startled residents were left questioning the logic of the late night work, carried out by sub-contractors. One lady, who did not want to be named, said: ‘I was woken up to the sound of drilling as the work men decided it was a good idea to put a kerbstone in just before midnight.

The kerb in Barnes Wallis Road in Fareham.

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‘They were there about an hour flattening the concrete and digging a hole. I just can’t believe anyone thought it was sensible thing to carry out such loud work so late when people are sleeping. ‘Someone needs to be held accountable for this stupid decision.

I went out and spoke to the men and asked them what they were doing. They just said they were doing work for the council. ‘If it had been for a sewage leak or gas work I would understand but a kerbstone?

They didn’t even notify us the work was going to be carried out.’ ‘I tried complaining to the council but they don’t seem bothered with no one getting back to me.’ Councillor Rob Humby, deputy leader of Hampshire County Council and executive member for economy, transport said: ‘I’m sorry that these essential roadworks disturbed local residents.

‘The work was necessary to repair the damaged road surface and adjacent kerbing, and it was carried out at night in order to minimise disruption to users of Barnes Wallis Road and also those wishing to access the nearby Household Waste Recycling Centre.’

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