Inquest into death of Teen Mom UK star Saria Siggers revealed details of car crash

The mother of an MTV star wasn’t wearing a seatbelt when she was killed in a fatal collision, an inquest heard. Saria Siggers, 44, died after the car she was in collided with a lorry on the B1010 in Hazeleigh on August 30, 2018. She was a front seat passenger in the car, which was travelling towards Purleigh.

Paramedics attended the scene and Ms Siggers death was confirmed. The court heard that Ms Siggers may have pulled the handbrake before the accident happened. Essex Police forensic collision investigator Steve Perrett told the inquest that skid marks found on the road shows the handbrake had been applied.

Ms Siggers was found positioned over the handbrake and wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. The court heard that Ms Siggers had a medical history of depression and had been having a traumatic time in the days before her death. The court also heard that the driver of the vehicle had cocaine derivatives in her blood at the time of the collision but that did not affect her driving.

Assistant coroner Johnathan Goodman concluded that Ms Siggers died as a result of a road traffic collision. He said he could not be certain that she had applied the handbrake. Mr Goodman said: “The handbrake has been applied in advance of the collision.

“The question remains of who applied the handbrake and when it was applied.” He told Ms Siggers’ family: “You have my deepest condolences for what is a tragic loss.” Ms Siggers was well-known throughout the area after making several appearances on hit MTV show Teen Mom UK, which followed the lives of her son Dylan Siggers and Megan Salmon-Ferrari.

Speaking after her death, her devastated family said: “Saria was a wonderful mum, nanny and wife. “She was a bubbly woman who lived and breathed for her two sons and two grandchildren. “She was taken from us far too soon and our hearts will forever be in pain.

MTV paid tribute, saying Ms Siggers was a “fantastic grandmother”.

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