Knife-wielding lorry driver blocked motorist from overtaking on A92

Ross Sim was fined GBP360 at Aberdeen Sheriff Court for his actions

A lorry driver who brandished a knife at a motorist on a busy north-east road has been fined. Ross Sim was driving towards Peterhead when he blocked another vehicle from overtaking him on the A92 outside Stonehaven on September 18 last year. Aberdeen Sheriff Court was told the 30-year-old placed his fish delivery truck in the middle of both lanes in an attempt to stop a car overtaking him.

Depute fiscal Alan Townsend told the court Sim was fed up with the way people were driving while he was out in his lorry. He said there was a contra-flow system operating on the road at the time. Mr Townsend said: “The accused was driving his HGV at the time.

The other motorist was in his Audi travelling northbound. “The accused had has lorry straddling both lanes to stop the vehicle overtaking. The other driver was preparing to overtake.

“He saw the accused brandish a green knife at the window. “He later saw the lorry parked at Wellington Road and the police were advised. “The knife was seized by police and when he was interviewed by officers the accused told them he placed the knife on the window and the rubber seal.”

Mr Townsend said Sim told police he was “sick” of aggressive drivers while he was behind the wheel of his lorry.

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Defence agent Peter Keene said it was a “moment of madness” from his client, who pled guilty to a charge of brandishing a knife. He said Sim, whose address was given in court papers as Baird Terrace, Shotts, was on his way to Peterhead when it happened. Mr Keene said: “He was on his regular route from the west of Scotland to Peterhead unloading fish.

“Mr Sim had a knife because he used it on the plastic wrapping the boxes were in. “He recalled an occasion when he had been subject to aggressive driving and the driver this time was of that ilk. “This was a moment of madness which he bitterly regrets.

He can’t wait to get back to driving his HGV.” Sheriff Margaret Hodge said he should ignore the actions of other motorists. She said: “On reflection you may realise that even if others’ driving is a concern you are better to ignore it.”

Sheriff Hodge fined Sim GBP360 and ordered that the knife be forfeited.

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