Police clarify that tailbacks on A90 near Perth being caused by spilled pipes and not juice

Both lanes in both directions were been blocked on the A90 at St Madoes by pipes and not a flood of sticky juice, authorities have confirmed. The spillage had been thought to have come from a lorry which has tipped and spilled its tasty cargo. A Traffic Scotland spokesperson tweeted: “There is a shed load of juice causing some sticky traffic in both directions near St Madoes.”

However Police Scotland said the spillage was not from a truck transporting juice, but from company Jewson, carrying building materials.” “Er, guys, it’s not a shed load of juice – it’s a shed load from a Jewson lorry,” an officer tweeted. “Pipes and stuff. Efforts ongoing to clear it up at the moment.”

All lanes were closed in both directions when the incident was reported just before 12.30pm and reopened around 20 minutes later.

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