Sleepless night for residents after HGV gets stuck across road in Lichfield

People living in a Lichfield street had a sleepless night after a HGV got stuck across a narrow road for several hours. The Amazon lorry had attempted to travel down Shortbutts Lane at around 2am today (20th February), only for the driver to discover the vehicle wouldn't fit under the railway bridge. But his attempts to turn the truck around failed, leaving the vehicle stuck.

One local resident told Lichfield Live:

"We were work shortly before 2am by a commotion and the noise coming from the lorry.

"The driver had gone the full length of the street only to find a the railway bridge in the way.

"Police and neighbours were involved in trying to get the lorry moved but it remained stuck between two houses."

Shortbutts Lane resident

The vehicle was eventually rescued by a tow truck at around 5am.

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