Audis, BMWs and VW Golfs seized from Manningham streets in police crackdown

Police in Bradford seized at least a dozen untaxed cars over two days in Manningham. The Bradford West Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) confiscated cars including VW Golfs, an Audi, a BMW and a Subaru Impreza on Thursday and Friday. West Yorkshire Police teamed up with the DVLA to identify and remove the cars.

One car was also confiscated for having no insurance. Several of the cars were taken from the Chassum Grove area following complaints by residents. One car, a silver VW Golf, was loaded on to a removal truck from immediately outside Manningham Police Station on Lilycroft Road.

The Bradford West Neighbourhood Policing Team posted some of the seizures on social media.

They said: “Neighbourhood Policing Team have joined up with the DVLA and removed seven vehicles (new and old) for no tax, this is a first step to tackling issues in this area concerning multiple residents.”

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