Importance of obtaining HGV licence in driving career

According to a survey, it was observed that young LGV or HGV drivers i.e. (Large goods vehicle or Heavy goods Vehicle drivers) are only 2 % of the overall HGV driver population in the UK. Due to the shortage of young HGV drivers, the need and demand for young HGV driver are huge and there are great chances of making HGV driver as a career option. To be a successful HGV driver one needs to obtain an HGV licence.

Previously, very less amount of HGV licence had been issued in the UK, however, the gap has eventually is minimizing in the industry with more and more drivers obtaining the licence.

Also, in view of this gap between well trained licenced HGV drivers and demand for them, it is expected that the payments for a qualified truck driver would rise as without truck drivers transporting goods and merchandises from the factories and ports to the retail store is difficult. Hence, an overall career as an HGV driver looks completely promising and with high wages.

This is because the unemployment rate is high in the UK but the logistics industry is the only industry which promises growth in the career in future. As long as the payment is concerned, it mostly depends on the number of hours that the driver has worked and the company you work for.

Still, the approximate range for the wages may be from GBP500 a week to GBP40,000 per annum.

Though there are steady challenges because of various terrains in different parts of the country, an HGV driver’s driving skills would grow and can live more tenuous loads which would offer a higher salary. IT is difficult to get bored in the logistics industry as compared to a desk job where an employee gets easily bored due to the monotonous office lifestyle.

To become a well-trained, successful and licenced truck driver, there are various reputable training agencies which would help an aspiring truck driver to clear the necessary tests at an affordable price. The training is 35 hours compulsory training which a driver can take in a span of 5 years.

Also, he has to take this training every 5 years to maintain his HGV licence.

The training called driver CPC i.e. Certificate of Professional Competence. It is done in 4 phases as follows:-

O Phase 1- The first phase is the theory section consisting of multiple options exam and a danger competency test.

Over here the candidate is trained such that he understands all the theoretical aspects of driving, managing and acting in a hazardous situation.

O Phase 2-In this phase they take case studies test wherein the candidates are provided with a situational story or incidence that gives them the real picture of what exactly happens while driving a large goods vehicle so that they are mostly prepared while facing most of the obvious situation while driving long distances carrying heavy goods or merchandise.

O Phase 3-It is an evaluation to test a driver’s capability to drive. Here they are tested on how whether they are actually capable of driving a large goods vehicle for long distances carrying heavy goods or merchandise. Since driving an LGV required relevant skills, knowledge and talent as well.

O Part 4- It is the practical demonstration test for a Driver.

Here in this phase, the driver appears for a practical test wherein they are allowed to drive a large goods vehicle for long distances carrying heavy goods or merchandise, just like for obtaining a car driving licence, the person has to appear for a practical test wherein they are made to drive a car in a loop with very immediate turns or U-turns.

Since the logistics industry is the fourth largest employer in the UK, the economy of the country would not be able to perform without experienced truck drivers. Also once a driver clears the required HGV training and obtains the HGV licence employment is assured. As specified in the start, specialists assume that there would be a shortage of approx.

150,000 HGV drivers in the UK by the year 2020 implying that having a career as an HGV driver can be a successful career in the future.

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