Mitsubishi Fuso Canter 7C 15

Thomas Hardie Used Trucks has launched a new website incorporating a brand new 360-degree view of both the inside and outside of the vehicle for sale. The new website launch comes as Thomas Hardie celebrates its 25th anniversary of being a used truck dealer, and it’s 35th year of being a Volvo franchise. The new website took more than six months to develop with extensive testing before it was finally launched on 14 February.

“We’re always looking for improvements, and if it works for us and our customers we will do it. It’s one of the reasons why we have introduced loads of new features to the site to help improve the experience for our customers,”explained Jonathan Bownes, Thomas Hardie Used Truck business development manager. Alongside a traditional gallery, as well as video of the trucks, the new 360-degree view feature enables used truck customers to take an even greater look at the stock on offer.

“It’s great on a desktop, but it works really well on a tablet where you’re doing the 360 view with your finger,” added Bownes. “It’s something I’ve not seen before for trucks, and something that passenger car dealers are only just doing. I think it’s an industry first for the truck sector. The analytics show a huge spike on the day it was launched but I expect it might take as long as seven or eight weeks to really see how people are getting on with the new design.

It’s a really interactive site, and the more time people spend on the site the more they’ll get out of it. We’re really big into our social media, and the new website plays on that with blogs and testimonials. The intro will also change, with the seasons.

We want to make it interactive and intuitive, something that encourages interactions and people to come and visit. We’ll be running competitions as well, and of course helping customers get the right used truck,” Bownes continued. The brand-new website is not just cosmetic, though, as the back office has also undergone a complete overhaul, something which Bownes says will really help the sales staff’s day-to-day roles.

“It comes with a CRM system which has revolutionised how we upload the stock. Our systems were based loosely around Microsoft Word and Microsoft Access, but we found that the more trucks we were selling the more tiresome it became. The need for a new back of house probably drove it a lot more than the front end, but it’s nice to have been able to do both.

The sales team can now be more efficient, and it allows us to dedicate more time to customer care,” Bownes added.

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