Port of Oakland to staff, partners: 'You are heroes'

Port of Oakland Executive Director Danny Wan delivered a message today to trade and transportation workers: “you are heroes.” His remarks came as the Port and its Oakland International Airport continued full operations midst a coronavirus crisis. The Executive Director thanked staff and business partners for keeping planes flying and the supply chain moving. At the same time, he urged workers to maintain social distance and observe all other health/safety protocols.
“In this extraordinary time, you have shown remarkable commitment to your work and to a world that depends on us,” Mr.

Wan said. “Now all I can ask is that you stay vigilant…and stay safe.”
The Executive Director’s message followed a declaration this week that the Port is an essential business. That means its Airport and Seaport remain fully operational despite a shelter-in-place order issued by Alameda County.
Mr. Wan praised Port staff for maintaining critical functions to prevent disruption to air travel or supply chains.

He thanked more than 80,000 workers in Northern California whose jobs relate to activity at the Airport or Seaport.
“We’re not in this alone,” Mr. Wan pointed out. “Think of the Air Traffic Control workers, TSA agents and airline workers at the Airport. What about the truck drivers, longshore workers or warehouse technicians at the Seaport?

It takes all of us to provide mobility, deliver goods and keep our communities strong while we fight the coronavirus contagion.”
Roughly 7 million San Francisco Bay Area residents are isolated following shelter-in-place orders from six counties. The mandates are intended to limit the spread of coronavirus. Alameda County, where the Airport and Seaport operate, exempted the Port of Oakland because of its critical economic impact.

County health officials extended the exemption to all supply chain operators, from railroads and truckers to distribution facilities.
The Port said coronavirus concerns have diminished Airport passenger traffic and Seaport cargo volume.

It added, however, that operations remain normal with no disruption at either location.

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