Truck Driver Picks Up After Scofflaw Motorist on California Highway

Truck driver Jason Gwilliam was stopped in traffic on Highway 12 in Rio Vista, California, on February 27 when he saw something he couldn’t let stand – a motorist throwing rubbish out the window.

Gwilliam’s dashcam first shows the motorist using the shoulder to pass him. The vehicles then sit in traffic, at which point numerous pieces of trash are tossed out of both the driver’s and passenger’s side windows.

Gwilliam then gets out of his truck with a bag to pick up the litter. Before he gets to the trash, the motorist drives off, once again on the shoulder.

Gwilliam posted the entire incident on Facebook with the caption, “Look at this giant piece of s***.”

“The garbage was candy and Rice Krispies wrappers that was just purchased at a Walmart.

There was a receipt as well,” Gwilliam told Storyful.

As traffic begins to move again, Gwilliam can be seen picking up the wrappers, making sure to grab a piece that has landed near the greenery beside the road before getting back in his truck.

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