UK police ask Vietnamese migrants for help in deaths probe

LONDON (AP) -- Police appealed to Vietnamese nationals who entered the U.K. illegally in October to help them with their investigation of the smuggling operation that led to 39 people being found dead in a container truck in southeastern England. A 27-year old man has been accused of an immigration offense in connection with the deaths. Alexandru-Ovidiu Hanga of England is set to appear in court Wednesday about alleged actions between May 1, 2018 and Oct.

24, 2019.

The charge is part of the ongoing probe into the deaths of the 39 people from Vietnam who were found in dead Oct.

23 in the container parked in the community of Grays.

"We believe that a number of other people traveled into the UK in a similar way to the 39 deceased throughout the month of October, and we hope that these people would be able to help us,'' Police Assistant Chief Constable Tim Smith said. "We understand that there may be concern about coming forward and sharing their experiences, but we can assure you that your information and details will be treated in confidence."

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