Volunteers and councillors fix potholes in Bolton street

Volunteers and councillors came together to fill up potholes on an unadopted street. Back Norton Street, off Seymour Road, had several large craters in it so local residents and councillors decided to take matters into their own hands. Crompton ward councillors Hanif Darvesh, Bilkis Ismail and Martin McMulkin worked together with three volunteers to smooth out the road using tarmac planings.

Cllr Darvesh said: “Some of the residents contacted us a while ago about the back street off Seymour Road. “It’s had these massive cracks for a long time and there’s been nothing that the council could do about it because it is an unadopted back street. “We had been thinking about what to do for a while, most of the residents are very elderly in that street and they can’t exactly come together and do something.

“The bin wagon doesn’t even go down that street, the residents have to take their bins to the end of the street, it’s impossible to move these bins down that road. “The only solution that we could think of was to go to highways and see if they could give us a load of tarmac planings. “They dropped the rubble off with a dumper truck and we got some volunteers together.

We received 20 tonnes of planings and we shovelled it all as best as we could. “The volunteers were brilliant. It’s made a big, big difference.

“It’s a great feeling to really do something positive for the residents. It is working really well. I am really pleased for them.”

Local resident Lorna Ginty, who joined the volunteers, said: “I noticed the volunteers in our back street so I went out to help. “It’s made a big difference but we probably need another two loads to complete the street. “I was the only resident out as there are a number of other residents who are unable to help due to age, disability and being at work.”

Cllr Ismail has put in a request for another 40 tonnes of planings to finish off the rest of the road.

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