Yorkshire Dales river crossing video makes truck driver an internet hit

A TRUCK driver unexpectedly became an internet hit after a video of him negotiating a swollen river in the Yorkshire Dales was viewed more than 60,000 times. Danny Higgins, who works for Carrs Billington, was taking animal food supplies to Ravenseat, a remote hill farm in Swaledale. Ravenseat is the home of Amanda Owen, who has authored two best-selling books under the moniker of the ‘Yorkshire Shepherdess’.

And she and husband Clive wanted to ensure they had feed supplies stocked away before storms hit. Mr Higgins was on his way to the farm to make the important delivery when he found his route cut-off by previous flooding and snowmelt from the Yorkshire Dales hills. Once he had checked with Mr and Mrs Owen that it would be safe to cross, he carefully guided his 32-tonne heavy goods vehicle to the other side.

After telling Mr Higgins she was going to make him famous, Mrs Owen posted a video of the crossing on her Twitter page, where it has been viewed more than 60,000 times. Mr Higgins, who is based at Carrs Billington’s Lancaster depot, said: “Once I’d checked that it was safe, I just got in my cab and went for it. There was no drama, it was just another delivery to get through.”

He added: “All my friends and family have seen it and they keep asking for my autograph and saying they can’t talk to me anymore because I’m famous. You can’t even see that it’s me!” Ryan Whyte, area sales manager with Carrs Billington, said: “(The drivers) do an excellent job.

There’s livestock in exposed areas and when they need feed, they need feed, that’s seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

“Whatever the weather – snow, gales, flooding – we always try and get through.”

Visit @AmandaOwen8 on Twitter to view the video.

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