Applauding the NHS with dance and a sing song

Bringing a little cheer to the thousands of people trapped in their own home as the county battles coronavirus. Families friends and just the person down the street all came together to give the frontline works a round of applause. Fireworks were let off and cowbells were rung as the clocks chimed 8pm on Thursday and people cheered and said thank you.

But, doing things a little different was Laura Seel who herself works for the NHS, decided she would sing and dance her way through the celebration while broadcasting it live to her followers. The ambulance technician from Greystokes decided at the last minute she would give thanks and provide a little entertainment. She said: “I’m shocked and overwhelmed at the amount of response the video got.

We’re all in this together. Just because I work for the NHS I didn’t want to make this about me I want to say thank you for showing us the support. “It’s really hard going to work and seeing everyone struggle but this video has really lifted me up and I’m feeling confident.

“I know I’m not the only one who feels like this, it has prompted me to talk to more people about how they’re feeling. It’s ok to be down just don’t stay there.” Since the video, the former entertainer has been inundated with requests and has promised she will do more.

Some of the people who took part included Anne Mark Holliday. She said: “Even though our neighbours are far apart, we could hear clapping all around us. “It was very emotional, overwhelming.”

Surprised at the support the initiative received, Kay Mulholland said: “As an NHS health care assistant, I was absolutely humbled. The support and appreciation was definitely noted. “Well done everyone for keeping this country going.”

Taking her time to appreciate everyone involved, Sylvia Sloan said: “I clapped for the NHS, military, police, private care staff, bus drivers, delivery truck drivers, shop floor staff and anyone else working to keep us safe and well-fed.”

The Royal Family and the Prime Minister joined well-wishers who flocked to their balconies and flung open windows to applaud.

Advice is finally being taken: Stay Home Stay Safe.