Driver Told Police He Needed To Go On 170-Mile-Trip To Get Away From Wife And Kids

A driver who was stopped by police over the Easter bank holiday told cops he needed to get out of the house to have a break from his wife and children during the coronavirus lockdown. The bloke was spotted by officers from Devon, Cornwall and Dorset Roads Policing on a non-essential trip to Cornwall yesterday (12 April) and pulled over.

Taking your BMW out for a spin on a 170 mile round trip to have a break from the wife and three kids is also not an essential journey! The roads are much quieter but there are still people who don’t get it.

Driver reported on the A30 near Launceston.

– Alliance Roads Policing:iphone:+:red_car:=:x: (@RoadPolAlliance) April 12, 2020

In another tweet from Alliance Roads Policing, the official account for the three separate units, they explained how another driver bought and went to collect a second hand boat.

Driving across the county (and then breaking down on a hill) to collect the second hand boat you just bought is not an essential journey either. Driver reported near Bodmin.

– Alliance Roads Policing:iphone:+:red_car:=:x: (@RoadPolAlliance) April 12, 2020

In response, one person wrote: “Well done and huge thanks for keeping us safe from the ignorant and stupid who think themselves above the rules.” Another added: “I bet that he had a sinking feeling when you moored alongside!”

It seems people still aren’t getting the message though, with a further tweet coming in about a recovery truck being pulled over taking his pal to collect some motorbikes. After they were collected, the driver then decided to visit Paignton, Devon, to reminisce of times past. Both the driver and his friend were reported for the breaches and directed to leave Devon.

This sort of thing is happening all over the country. In Cumbria people were attempting to venture out this weekend but with very little luck it would seem.

A few locals starting to venture out thinking they know the quiet spots and the rules don’t apply to them! All advised and sent home.

Don’t let the side down! Let us take the pictures … for now anyway!

#StayHomeSaveLifes 2285
– Cumbria Roads Police (@CumbriaRoadsPol) April 11, 2020

Cumbria Police also caught four men in a taxi travelling from Leeds to the Lake District on Easter Sunday at 1.30am. The force wrote: ”

Sadly its not the beginning of a joke and they were not laughing when we escorted them back to the Lancashire border.

We are out at all hours so don’t try sneaking in. #stayathome means just that.”

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