Fire in waste truck prompts council to issue warning to North Kesteven householders

A fire in a waste truck caused by hot ashes in a bin has prompted NOrth Kesteven District Council to issue a warning to householders under lockdown. Copyright: other The incident happened on Tuesday (April 21) in the Witham St Hughes area of the district.

A North Kesteven District Council statement said: "One of our refuse vehicles collecting in the Witham St Hughs area caught on fire due to hot ashes that had been collected on its round. "With the swift assistance from Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue this was controlled and contents were safely disposed of." Two crews from Lincoln attended Caraway Drive in the village.

The fire was limited to the contents of the lorry and firefighters in breathing apparatus hosed it down. NKDC said: "Thankfully, the crew were unharmed, but it is extremely important that the right things go in the right bins. "Items such as hot ashes, instant barbecues, batteries and gas canisters are not intended for household waste bins.

"If you are unsure on what can go in your residual, recycling and garden waste bins please check again at ." They also reminded householders to exercise caution when considering burning waste due to the coronavirus restrictions closing council waste tips normally open to the public. The council accepts that more people are spending more time at home and finding alternative ways to reduce their waste.

The council warns: "Whilst there are no laws against burning your own garden waste, there is a potential for the smoke to cause a nuisance which is an offence under the Environmental Protection Act 1990." If burning waste, be mindful of your neighbours by: * Using dry material only.

* Avoiding burning at weekends and bank holidays. * Not burning tyres, cables, plastics, rubber, painted products or household waste. * Not leaving a fire unattended, even when it is just smouldering.

* And, telling neighbours that you are going to have a bonfire.

NKDC says: "We have a duty to, and will investigate complaints of smoke nuisance, so please do think of neighbours."

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