Groups of illegal off-road motorcyclists seen breaking lockdown in Corby

This rider had no safety gear Copyright: jpimedia Motorcyle nuisance that has plagued Corby for years has ramped up a notch since the Covid-19 lockdown, say local people. Teens using off-road bikes, quads and mini-motos have been tearing along the streets and fields of the town, taking advantage of the less-busy roads.

A large group was spotted on the field close to the Kingswood Centre this week in contravention of Covid-19 social distancing rules. Youngsters were riding a mini-moto in public areas without any safety equipment. This group was caught on camera on the Kingswood field on Thursday Copyright: jpimedia

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People on the Hazel Leys estate have reported seeing similar issues, with one local man contacting our reporters after seeing three young teens riding on a one off-road bike down Gainsborough Road without helmets.

Now local people say that have had enough and have appealed for action. Aivars Zakss, who lives close to the entrance to the Kingswood playing field said: “We are blighted on a daily basis with noise from these bikes charging across the field making it a no go area for children, dog walkers etc. “We have the right to live a quiet and peaceful life.

These youngsters were caught riding their bike along the streets of the Kingswood estate this week Copyright: jpimedia “Virtually every day I phone 101 as I think 999 is reserved for emergencies and after the usual lengthy wait I could be promised a call back in six hours Or occasionally a drive by an hour later. “More often than not it’s the same perpetrators all the time but alas, nothing.

“I believe that other estates are having a similar problems as is the whole country and that times are difficult at the moment but what can we expect for the future?” One man who contacted the Northants Telegraph on Wednesday from the Oakley Vale estate said: “They are just up and down Lyveden Way all afternoon. There’s no regard for the safety of themselves or of anyone else who happens to cross their path.

This bike was being ridden on a pedestrian footpath on the Kingswood estate Copyright: jpimedia “They’re doing wheelies and all kinds. They can’t be more than 15 years old.

It’s so dangerous. Why are their parents buying them these bikes?” Officers seized two off-road bikes in Corby thisweek.

On Thursday they round an illegal rider on a Honda bike, which they seized. While waiting for the breakdown truck, they managed to catch another rider and removed a second bike. Nobody from Northamptonshire Police was available for comment.

This bike was seized by Corby Police this week Copyright: jpimedia

This is the second bike that police seized in one day this week Copyright: jpimedia

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