Levenmouth rail campaigners push for freight links

Copyright: Other 3rd Party The campaigners highlight the volume of goods traffic on the local road network and argue a freight link would boost Scotland’s economic growth by providing a safer, greener and more efficient way of transporting products and materials. The recent Levenmouth STAG Report, which paved the way for reopening the line, estimates that the two Diageo plants in Levenmouth generate over 25,000 annual loads.

The campaign is eager to see not only the planned multi-modal freight facility developed at Cameron Bridge but also the possibility of a new spur to the Banbeath bottling plant.

Dr Allen Armstrong, campaign secretary said: “Diageo boasts its environmental credentials but this has not extended beyond the `factory gates’ to date.

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“Now is an unrivalled opportunity to take full advantage of the current design process to develop these options before plans are set in stone.

With path networks and bus links now being planned as part of both the separate but related Leven Connectivity Project and the Levenmouth Reconnected Blueprint, we need to know fairly soon the specifications for the main branch line and any spurs so alternative paths can be planned.”

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