Northern warehousing company continues to support the supply chain

During these strange times, it has become evident that the supply chain is critical to keeping our country functioning and one Northern warehousing and logistics company is supporting many key industries to fulfil their part in keeping the nation running. Carlton Forest Group, based in Worksop, North Nottinghamshire has put in place new business practices to ensure staff are able to do their roles safely and in line with Government guidelines. "As a business, we realise the part we play in this at all times, not just during the current situation, and continue to strive to ensure these supply chains are efficient, cost effective and timely," said Graham White, Group Commercial Manager, Carlton Forest Group. "Perhaps most evident is that some supply chains have been exposed as more vulnerable, whilst others are experiencing unprecedented demand.  However, the team are here to support in securing the supply chain and efficiencies for medical supplies, chemical and cleaning products, essential R&M products and food and drink."

Working with a wide range of industry sectors Carlton Forest supports core business functions by offering over 400,000 sq ft of warehousing across two sites, an efficient Warehouse Management System (WMS) and a knowledgeable and efficient team who are experienced in all matters pertaining to stock management, distribution and allows our customers real-time visibility, traceability and stock control.

It is proud to be able to fulfil all elements of logistics, warehousing and distribution and to be members of United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA) and Road Haulage Association (RHA).

"At this current time, we reassure staff and customers that all Government guidelines are being adhered to whilst we carry out essential business operations," said Graham. "The health and wellbeing of our staff remain our highest priority."

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