Recovery truck drivers to complete lap of honour in the Vale for NHS workers

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Recovery truck drivers from the Vale of Leven will be taking part in a lap of honour tonight to honour the NHS and key workers. The lap of honour will begin at 8pm and will run from the Lomond Industrial Estate to the Vale of Leven hospital and back. There will be around 25-30 recovery trucks drivers, Iain Brown’s ice cream van, and a number of taxis participating. 

Click here for all the latest news for Dumbarton and the Vale.  Charlie, owner of Mobile ECU, is also taking part in the event.  He told the Reporter: “It is to give a massive thank to the NHS and key workers for all of their hard work and dedication during this time.”

David Ferguson, of Andrews Garage Recovery in the Vale, was the man behind the idea. He wanted to get the recovery community together to show its support.  Everyone is welcome to join in – while maintaining social distancing – and meet at 7.30pm at the Lomond Industrial Estate.

This will be their second lap of honour for the NHS and keys workers in the area.

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