Truck driver in Cumbria speaks out about conditions

A TRUCK driver and his wife have highlighted the plight of delivery drivers during the country's lockdown. Margaret and Neil James, 49, from Aspatria, have spoken out about the difficulties drivers are facing when trying to find somewhere to eat or to use facilities. Margaret said Neil had been away from home for three days and could not find anywhere open for truck drivers to get hot meals.

She said: "They work so hard and in these difficult times some of them may need the generosity of the public." Margaret said: "If they are travelling from one end of the country to another, they have to stop, due to driving time limits and they are finding they can't get a shower or use toilets, can't feed or get any water." Neil was relieved to get home after not being able to find anywhere to eat after three days.

He is on lockdown now as he is a low loader driver for DSD at Kingstown. But he sympathises with fellow drivers that have to continue driving in order to deliver essential items. He said: "It's just when we pull up in services.

They are trying to do their best in the services, but cafes are shutting, the Costa ones are shutting, they're all shutting. "It's just getting beyond a joke. "The public can't do a great deal to help, but if they see truck drivers parked up in laybys go over and see if they need something."

He added: "All the other lads were on lockdown, but I was bringing road equipment back on the wagon and needed something to eat."

Neil said that some of his friends have had to drive for many miles and have found that services have been closed for quite a distance.

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