A guide to this week's soap action in Emmerdale, Coronation Street and Eastenders

Sharon returns to the Square and although she struggles being back, she decides she’s ready to give things yet another go with Phil. Linda gives the reunited couple her blessing to buy the Vic, but the chances of them making a fresh start look shakier after Sharon come across some of Dennis’ belongings and begins to question her decision to give up Kayden. The grieving mum tries to put the thoughts out of her head, but that becomes harder when Karen asks her to keep an eye on the baby – and reminds her that it’s not too late to change her mind…

Keegan is touched when Tiffany gives him Shakil’s trainers, but his good mood doesn’t last long when a customer at the food truck assumes he’s dealing drugs. Tiffany’s attempt to jump to his defence doesn’t help either when the customer later returns to destroy the van. Max is frustrated not to be in on Ruby’s plans, Ben strikes his own deal and Mo insists Kush do something about Jean – and Shirley thinks he should start by calling Stacey.

Dicing with Danger – Coronation Street (ITV) David continues to chase an adrenalin rush in a bid to escape his heartbreak over Shona. He heads out on yet another run, during which he deliberately angers a group of youths who give chase and corner him in an alleyway.

David braces himself for a beating – but the police arrive in the nick of time. He claims to have learnt a lesson and won’t go thrill-seeking again. Shona, meanwhile, has her mind poisoned against her husband by Clayton, but her keyworker persuades her to visit Weatherfield.

As they slowly bring Oliver out of sedation, the doctors warn Steve and Leanne that their son could be brain damaged. Leanne refuses to believe it, causing further concern for Steve and Nick. James is thrilled when his teammates say they support his decision to come out, but still worries about what the manager may say.

Gemma is surprised by the reaction to her vlog when it goes live. Forsaking All Others? – Emmerdale (ITV) Will pours his heart out as he proposes to Harriet – and once she’s over the shock, the vicar accepts.

Her new fiance can’t wait to celebrate with an engagement drink with all the locals, but Harriet is struggling with her guilt over her dalliance with Malone. Will turning the bash into a joint party for birthday girl Moira help her feel less like a fraud? Vinny is confused when his new friend ‘Alex’ lets slip that he already knows his mum, but all becomes clear when he later walks in on Mandy and Paul arguing.

Despite Mandy’s best attempts to cover, Paul comes clean to his son about his real identity – leading Vinny to storm out, appalled at the extent of the lies. Leanna and Liam manage to make amends, but what does that mean for Leyla, who has just slapped the teen across the face? Belle and the newly returned Jamie resume their affair, but Andrea is determined to fight for her man, while Manpreet advises Wendy to tell Bob how she feels in a letter.

Charlie Says – Hollyoaks (Channel 4) Nancy is getting fed up of Kyle’s drug-taking, but he realises that his habit might be the least of her problems after he finds drugs in Charlie’s bag. Kyle throws them out, warns Jordan to stay away from the youngster and swears he’s going to give up himself – although his dealer is sceptical.

Sadly, when Kyle later tries to tell Nancy about his discovery, she makes a confession of her own and says she’s not sure she can marry him. He’s further hurt when she doesn’t trust him to look after Oscar, but when Charlie convinces Darren to give Kyle a chance to prove himself, will he step up – or will it turn out Nancy was right all along? Elsewhere, Tony returns home and starts taking blood-thinning medication, while Misbah is offered a secondment in Surrey.

Yazz isn’t impressed by Tom’s efforts to seduce her, and Mercedes feels like a gooseberry thanks to Warren and Sylver’s bromance. A reversal of fortunes – Home and Away (C5) Bella’s week goes from joyful to traumatic in a matter of moments.

Things are going well with Nikau, making her think she’s ready to take their relationship to the next level. However, she suddenly panics, throws him out of her bedroom and locks the door. As he wonders what went wrong, Bella begins self-harming.

Ryder jumps to the conclusion that Nikau must be to blame until Willow sets him straight. Colby, meanwhile, tells his sister she needs full-time psychiatric care. Maggie is ostracised by her family after news of her fling with Marco becomes common knowledge.

She also tells Ziggy she should take a DNA test, because the man she thought was her uncle might actually be her father. Marilyn finally opens up to John about her involvement with the Parata family, Leah makes a victim impact statement and Ari realises he is on dangerous ground with Mackenzie. Hope for Sheila at last – Neighbours (C5)

Just when Sheila thought life couldn’t get any worse, she’s hit by another upsetting loss – Gary the pigeon meets his maker – and Kyle can’t think of a way to help her. Thankfully Sheila’s daughter Naomi arrives in the nick of time, and after hearing her mother claim the dead bird was the reincarnation of her son, promises to stick around long enough to get her back on her feet. Her efforts have an early setback when Sheila becomes trapped in the Willis house with her arch enemy Susan, while a blast from her wild past distracts Naomi from her new job at the hotel.

Susan, meanwhile, should perhaps concentrate on her marriage to Karl, which is failing fast – they have another falling out after visiting Elly, whose life is being made a living hell by Andrea.

Toadie’s decision to spend a day with Dee makes Dipi uncomfortable and Ned makes a big decision after his rooftop pool doesn’t have the impact he’d hoped for.

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